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Work Anxiety Syndrome

by Jim Pearson

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Skip intro 01:07
Struck 03:26
This situation is starting to pinch You’ve taken a mile but you won’t give an inch Cutting us to the bone taking care of your own Caught in the headlights struck without warning Laid by the side of the road until morning No second chances no look in the mirror Nobody knows whats around the next corner This situation is starting to burn How many lessons do we have to learn Your hanging us out to dry under a broken sky Caught in the headlghts struck without warning Laid by the side of the road until morning No second chances no look in the mirror Nobody knows whats around the next corner
Keeping up appearances is just a waste of time A waste of his a waste of hers a waste of yours and mine Disposable aquantences abreviated sentences Nothing seems to matter when the world is in decline A little bit of what I need a lot of what I don’t I can’t resist temptation it’s got me by the throat Statistical analysis there’s only one way out of this The water’s getting deeper and I forgot to build a boat Darling put your hand in mine forever be my valentine As long as we’re together we can keep ourselves afloat Sitting with my back against the wall facing the sun Wondering how I got here where I’m going when I’m gone It’s time to call a favour in we all end up where we begin Another battle’s over in a war that can’t be won Darling put your hand in mine forever be my valentine It’s hard to leave the party when we’re having so much fun
Every day I take what’s mine But that definition lives on a fine line The opportunity to pull the strings Down in that empty merchant heart of things I know where to go This is how we have our fun Lead us into temptation I love the sound of dicipline As it’s taken out on another’s skin There are consequences but it’s not fading The sea of plesure that I’ve been sailing I know where to go This is how we have our fun Hate the people we become Where will we go will you ever find peace of mind?
My feet are off the pedals and I’m racing down the hill I can see you from the thirteenth floor leaning hard against the rail I’m spinning in my father’s chair around around around God only knows what I’m doing God only knows why I’m here God only knows but he’s not telling me I’ve collected every token but I’m still waiting for a prize I try to blink away reality but it keeps getting in my eyes I’m watching from the highest tree the ground the ground the ground God only knows what we’re doing God only knows why we’re here God only knows but he’s not telling me
You haven’t got a job and the world thinks you’re a slob ‘Cos you spend the whole day watching television But they haven’t got a clue what it’s like being you As you plumb the depths of clinical depression You’ve attended all the schemes designed to butter up your dreams But you know you’re just a government statistic All your bills are in the red you can’t get out of bed ‘Cos what’s the point of being optimistic You’ve got Work Anxiety Syndrome You’be been working nine to five for as long as you remember Bringing home a steady weekly wage You used to have ambition now your hair is in recession And you’re on the downward slope of middle age Now it’s all done by computer and you’re just a dumb comuter Your manager’s are younger than your children Every day seems like a year and it’s boring you to tears But your hanging tough ‘till you can draw your pension You’ve got Work Anxiety Syndrome You’ve been running at a loss since your dad made you the boss You never seem to make the right decision You’ve got all the aires and graces and a fancy pair for braces But life hasn’t been the same since you left eaton You’d like to jack the whole thing in a slice of lemon with your gin And sai your boat around the caribean But the firm is in your blood handed down from up above And you can’t escape the family tradition You’ve got Work Anxiety Syndrome
It’s too late to change your mind You’d better get used to the fact There’s no point in thinking there’s plenty of time And you know that there’s no turning back It’s too late to change your mind But you can’t live your life with regret There’s always somebody more handsome and funny Getting rich without breaking a sweat It’s too late to change your mind Because life is a one way street You feel like your walking in circles Your worn out and your dead on yout feet But It’s too late to change your mind If the way that your living ain’t making much sense I’m not going to insult your intelligence From your half empty glass drink a toast to your past And enjoy what you have while you can a holiday rep / a footballer / a fireman / a traffic warden / i had no thoughts about what i wanted to be when i was young / a phamacist / someone who painted the flowers on cups / a vet / a firefighter / an archiologist / an interior designer / a makeup artist / a pilot / a gymnast / a designer / to be an artist / i don’t know... yet friends and family and having a good time / other people’s misery / my kids... laughing / cheesecake / rabbits / watching man united / money / shoes / you tell me / drinking and socialising / what makes me happy? life / just to be happy within yourself good question... er what’s the meaning of life? having fun / frienships are very important / just being alive and being happy / inner peace / vodka / that’s too difficult for me i can’t answer that question
Spaces 03:20
I’ve been raking up the leaves They’ve fallen from the trees I know just how they’re feeling You’re no longer my affair I don’t know why I care But I wonder what you’re thinking I’ll meet you in the spaces Between the senses Darling I’ll be waiting When your busy with the ironing Dreaming of a silver lining There’s a secret your keeping I’m no longer your affair I don’t know why you care If I’m awake or if I’m sleeping I’ll meet you in the spaces Between the senses Darling I’ll be waiting Between the knowing between the longing Bewtween forgetting between regretting Between the lying between the crying Between forgiving Darling I’ll be waiting
Shadows 02:54
Remember the days that seemed to last forever When you wondered what would happen in your life Riding bikes and climbing trees Forty-fives and thirty-threes Safety matches ready to ignite There were shadows hiding under your bed Keeping you awake at night When your mother wiped the tears from your eyes She said everything will be alright So many days you know you won’t remember Do you wonder what you’re doing with your life Heavy lungs and coffee cups Staple guns and paper cuts Stop the bus we’re ready to alight There’s a shadow hiding under your bed Keeping you awake at night In the morning rub the fear from your eyes And pretend everything will be alright
I had to escape the bad atmosphere And go looking for outer space The world looks kind of cool from here You wouldn’t recognise the place On the edge of an awkward silence momentarily lost for words I’m losing my grip on the mothership And I’m falling back down to earth Falling back down to earth


Work Anxiety Syndrome is Jim Pearson’s fourth album, and it finds him in full artistic stride. Here are all the elements that make his music so quirky and wonderful: the openhearted confessional songs of hearth and home, the biting political satire, and the whimsical intermezzi groove romps, with an artistic maturity that shows itself in a profound sense of confidence that this music will be understood and appreciated. And well it should. The album presents a delightful range of styles and themes from the hints of Fela Kuti in the instrumental “We’re Not Coming Back” to the deeply hypnotic social critique “This is How We Have Fun,” to the hauntingly wistful “Too Late to Change Your Mind.” This is utterly charming and captivating music that deepens with every listen. And it is so completely British. Fans of The Beatles, Ray Davies, David Bowie, Nick Drake, and Nick Lowe will find great reward for the ears and heart.

This download includes accompanying booklet, artwork and lyrics.


released July 1, 2013

Photography by Clare Curran ticklr.tumblr.com
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin @Stardelta Audio Mastering


all rights reserved



Jim Pearson UK

"You never can be sure what kind of project Jim will come up with next, but you can always be sure it's gonna be pretty darn good." Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music.

Jim's songs range from the whimsical to some of the most bitter and somber themes, yet always with a paradoxical childlike spirit that meets them head-on – wide-eyed and full of hopeful energy.
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