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Songs In The Theme Of Christmas

by Jim Pearson

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I was minding my own business when someone rang my bell The thought of carol singers is my idea of hell But I joined the heavenly angels with my relentless monotone Now it seems I might spending Christmas on my own Twenty four hour packages delivered to my door I can’t remember what I bought or who I bought them for It makes me sad to think about the money I have blown Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to spend Christmas on my own If I want a day of rest Alone in just my pants and vest It doesn’t mean I’m lonely or forlorn It’s not an act of blasphemy To be in my own company I promise I will keep the curtains drawn She has festive expectations and stockings to fill But my pockets are as empty as an overnight till Credit cards and overdrafts, despotic payday loans I could save myself a fortune and spend Christmas on my own If I decide to stay in bed It doesn’t mean I’ve lost my head Somebody has to take a moral stand I’m not prepared to paint the town In PJs and a dressing gown I thought you of all people would understand You can stick your decorations and your twinkly fairy lights But I must admit without you Christmas wouldn’t be quite right We won’t be watching Dr Who and I’ll disconnect the phone We’ll be miserable together spending Christmas on our own Let’s go to a polar cap Just for the night then we’ll come back And cuddle up to keep each other warm So long as I’m alone with you A private igloo just for two Together we can weather any storm It was the following September, our Christmas wish came true There'll be three of us this Christmas, where once were only two Our silent nights are over thanks to our little chaperone A reminder of the year when we spent Christmas on our own ©Jim Pearson 2017
Santa Claus is crying 'cos there isn't any dough He gave it to his broker and it disappeared like snow There's no money in the meter and there's nothing in his sack His debtors and the bailiff wouldn't cut him any slack Santa Claus is sighing it was never quite like this Every boy and girl was dying to be on his good list But the world has lost it's mystery he has to face the fact He's been consigned to history and there's no turning back Santa Claus is cunning he's hatched a master plan He's heading for the city to stick it to the man And no-one's gonna stop him 'cos he's gone 'round the bend Santa Claus is coming and he's looking for revenge If you don't believe me and you'd like to have some proof Don't wait until his reindeers have landed on your roof 'Cos when you hear his "ho ho ho" in the silent of the night Santa Claus is on his way to put the world to right © Jim Pearson 2011
© Jim Pearson 2010
The turkey's in the oven and the table's looking grand Everything is gonna be exactly as we planned We're gonna have a perfect Christmas day There's peace on earth and every old cliché You held my hand beneath the mistletoe I held my breath and didn't want to let you go Take a picture now before it fades away There's peace on earth and every old cliché We'll spare a thought for every girl and every boy Who work so hard throughout the year making Christmas toys We'll raise a glass to every boy and every girl And hope our Christmas spirit reaches right around the world Christmas is a time for families To gather 'round and fall asleep in front of the TV We celebrate the good old fashioned way There's peace on earth and every old cliché We're gonna have a perfect Christmas day There's peace on earth and every old cliché © Jim Pearson 2007
Mr Santa 02:40
Mr Santa, is it you Stuck in the immigration queue? If you can’t prove you’re who you say The border cops won’t let you stay Import duties must be paid On every item in your sleigh Without the right documentation You might spend Christmas in detention If you get stuck up the chimney They’ll bag you for illegal entry The girls and boys won’t get their toys If you’re banged up in solitary Christmas faces cancellation With Santa’s threatened deportation Don’t blame the workers at the border They’re only paid to follow orders If you get stuck up the chimney They’ll have you for illegal entry If I were you I wouldn’t bother ‘Cos they have good kids in Rwanda Good luck next time Mr Santa Have a good life in Rwanda (Repeat)


released December 16, 2011


all rights reserved



Jim Pearson UK

"You never can be sure what kind of project Jim will come up with next, but you can always be sure it's gonna be pretty darn good." Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music.

Jim's songs range from the whimsical to some of the most bitter and somber themes, yet always with a paradoxical childlike spirit that meets them head-on – wide-eyed and full of hopeful energy.
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